YOU Inspire ME Twin Cities Fitness Peeps and Pros!

It’s been another amazing week of inspiration.  I was feeling like I needed a little something just for ME;

some time to just let go and work out all of


I wanted to be inspired, feel strong, and release a little somethin…where did I go?

Bloomington North ~ LifeTime Fitness ~ 5:30pm ~ THE MIXX with Teri Mayers

YIKES!  What was I thinking?  I was tired, my legs were spent from the morning…BUT


THE MIXX  is a combination of :

– hi/low (think FLASHDANCE and 1984)

– cardio kickboxing

–  athletic endurance

– dance

It’s all “mixxed” together to create a total FITNESS PARTY!  This is hands down my favorite format to TAKE and TEACH. 

Going back to Bloomington North is always a trip down memory lane.  I used to frequent that club when I lived on Highway 7 and Belt Line Boulevard back in the day.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would be teaching those types of classes…it’s always a good reminder of how far I have come.

I knew there would be a “line” to get into class. 

I don’t do lines.

In my opinion, no class is worth standing in line.  I think it brings a sense of superiority to the group before class even begins.  Plus, I simply don’t have time to wait in line for my workout – I’m a busy girl!

However, I made an exception because I knew it would be worth it.

Here’s my tip for new people interested in taking this class.  DON’T WAIT IN LINE!  I think it’s a little bit of a show and not really necessary – just show up 10 minutes early, go stretch on the floor next to the studio, and when the studio door opens, go in.  Trust me, you’ll be fine 😉

Ok, so we get in the studio and the music is pumping – always great tunes with Teri.  I’m stretching, doing my thing, and all of a sudden I hear the class moving in unison doing the warm-up.  The people that have been going there forever start class. 


Ok, whatever, I’m over it.  Hop up and GO!

Within 30 seconds I knew I needed to view this hour as an insane learning opportunity.

I’m a fairly new instructor, and this is my format ~

~ take it in and absorb it like a sponge baby!

I believe Teri’s Mixx is THE BEST in the Twin Cities.  The way she weaves all of the elements together to make it modern and cool; flowing, hard and fun; it’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced in a class.

It feels mechanically safe and good for my body, but it’s highly challenging and so different all at the same time.

Plus, this woman can MOVE!  A simple side-touch looks like the coolest combo ever simply because of her twist and how she makes it flow.  Her transitions from an athletic endurance set to cardio dance to kickboxing is seamless. She doesn’t hold her combos forever, so you never get bored.

Here’s the other thing, she involves the class in a huge way without a ton of verbal cueing.  Between hand clapping and vocals from the group, there is an element of unity that is unspoken.

Her “regulars” help to make this class what it is.  They have been taking it for so long, they know the drill.  They are vocal and fun and add a “FAME”-like element – it feels like you are taking a grungy, hard-core class in a back alley somewhere.

It is an intimidating group and it is definitely not for a beginner or someone new to group fitness.  I’m a pro when it comes to taking classes and I was a little out of my element.  You need to be tough mentally and provide your own positive self-talk soundtrack in your head.  There are beautiful people and amazing, strong bodies all around you…you CAN hang, for real!

Teri does a great job of pushing you to your physical limits – just keep in mind where YOU are and what YOU need and adjust accordingly.  I did need to modify some of the leg stuff since that was the last part of my body I needed to fatigue.  I have the confidence and knowledge for taking modifications in class, I encourage others to take the same approach for this one – YOU are always in control regardless of what the instructor is telling you.  Remember that people!

All in all, this hour of my week inspired me beyond belief and gave me a fresh look on a class I love and adore.  I believe I grew as an instructor tenfold from taking Teri’s class.  Her no-nonsense, tough-love approach is the perfect yin to my bubblegum and lollipop yang.

Most importantly, I had a blast and felt so good about myself at the end.  There was a time when I wouldn’t have been able to handle it mentally – the intimidation factor too high, me feeling like I wasn’t doing it “right”, couldn’t move like “that”, etc.

It would have gotten the best of me.

But not Tuesday.  I was there and I was inspired.

You’ve come a long way sista!



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