Somedays You Just Gotta

We are all pulled in a million directions each day. As a mom, I always feel like I should be or want to be in

five million places at once!

Yesterday was one of those days – I dropped Ella off at school and BAM! the countdown begins.

I have 6 precious hours to:





Blah, Blah, Blah.

I could have easily filled my time with chores…but I also wanted to pick up a few things at the mall that contribute to me feeling GOOD about myself (i.e. Peter Thomas Roth bronzer, cute jammies, and Caudalie Beauty Elixer), register for a run/bike event and go to yoga to breathe and renew.

So, the match-up was this:

Lady of the House vs. Lady of the Mall and the Mat

I chose Lady of the Mall/Mat.


Sometimes you just gotta pick one, and go with it.


And if you try, you will fail. A cycle of misery and guilt will ensue and you’ll end up getting less done and you’ll be less productive, not to mention you won’t FEEL good.

Ug, who needs that?

Laundry, bills, cooking and cleaning will always be there.

Someone will always need you.

What about YOU? YOU need YOU too!

So many people (including me) put off the things that would make them feel complete because something else always gets moved to the top of the list.

The top of my list rotates. Yesterday, a trip to the mall and the gym won. Today, I’ll be taking Ella to dance, cleaning, doing laundry, planning meals and grocery shopping.

Balance is such a good thing.

Be kind to you. Do that thing that you’ve been putting off – whatever it is.

Sometimes, you just gotta:

*run *see a movie *work *sip coffee *dance *eat *enjoy *GET THROUGH IT

…whatever it is, GO! Do it!

The minute you start to feel stress about the things that are not getting done,


It’s ok. It will get done. Trust me.

My laundry was waiting for me when I got home, as was a dinner to prepare, a kid to bathe and loads of putting away and tidying up to do.

The GREAT thing is, as I settled in to bed last night, I was so glad that I took the time to work hard in yoga and focus on strengthening my own practice for one hour.

The energy I received from that will definitely fuel me to be a better mama and domestic diva today.

Sometimes, you just gotta.

Peace and love ya’all xo


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