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Strong Legs

Oh wow, what a day.

It’s crazy town over here. Can ya relate? 😉

Today I stopped the madness that almost was but never will be. Boom! Dead in IT’S tracks. Boo-ya! Score one for the home girl. Yes.

Here’s how it went down:

Monday morning; wake up later than planned; off to the races

*drink a little coffee

pack munchkin’s lunch, get dressed (sort of), dress the mini me, feed the munchkin, feed the pets, drop-off at school

**drink a little more coffee

teach my fitness class; get sweaty; AMAZING!; happy happy joy joy

***still not hungry, eat a granola bar, more coffee

run errands, shop for jeans



****Defeated and starving at this point….need food NOW!

screw it, LeeAnn Chin it is


tiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeedddddddddd now….

head home, shower, thinking…….

wishing shopping for denim was easier….and it would be, if I weighed 10 pounds less….right?!

QUICK! Google the latest diet book, order it ASAP!!!!!!

Take action! Yes! Count calories! 1200? Low sugar, low fat. Have a plan! Get on track!


Ok ladies, we’ve all been there, right? Something (for me, today, it was shopping) triggers us to think we are NOT OK JUST AS WE ARE.

I really had to take a breathe and remind myself:

I work hard. I am strong. My legs have MUSCLE. No denim designer is going to make me think something is wrong with ME because THEY don’t know how to design jeans for STRONG GIRLS!

I also was reminded why BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day. You really do not do your body or mind any favors by skipping it.

You must know this: sometimes, at the start of the day, you NEED to fuel your body even if you don’t feel hungry. This has been REALLLLLLY hard for me because I used to pride myself on how many hours I could go in a day without actually chewing anything. I was young and not nearly as brilliant as I am now 😉 These days, I try and keep it simple by following a protein/carb/fat routine every 3 hours. I can tell you that I am SUPER energized when I do this. I also avoid those yucky blood sugar drops because I keep my body in balance throughout the day.

However, in my REAL LIFE, it isn’t possible to ALWAYS eat a lovely protein/carb/fat every three hours. And sometimes, I just cannot consume one more protein bar. So, the trick is to make a choice, be ok with it, and hop back to what gives you energy and life at your next meal.

I did end up buying a pair of PAIGE Premium Denim jeans. They are the Lou Lou Tulip Flare. They fit like a glove and I like ’em.

It’s Monday, and you might be tempted to diet or “be good”. Maybe, just BE. Be aware, be gentle, be fresh, be ALIVE! And really, being good is sooooo overrated anyway. xo

Fitness Angel has been soaring lately. I thank you my friends. You can follow me on Twitter and “like” my Facebook page by clicking the links to the right. I appreciate the LOVE ya’all. We are changing bodies and minds and that rocks! Watch for some cool partnerships coming your way!

Have a GREAT week. I love you, but most importantly….


Appreciate Your Body….

…and use it in every way YOU can.

I love this image. As I sit here, a little annoyed that I am on day 7 of not working out, I am reminded that we too often focus on what we CAN’T do instead of what we CAN.

I’ve got a kink in my neck and a hacking cough…I’m not about to grace the gym with my presence. However, I can snuggle with Ella, make a spaghetti supper, sip immunity tea all day long, and enjoy my family being together tonight. It may not get my heart rate up like a good kick-a$$ cardio session, but it will build me up in other ways.

I’m cool with that.

Today anyway 😉

If you CAN move today, DO IT!

If not, chill out and get ready to ROCK tomorrow.


Give It UP!

I’m terrified. For real. What am I thinking?

After much thought and consideration, I’ve decided to give up reality TV for lent.

I know, it’s drastic. After all, I am the girl that made

cutting room floor, which did air. Ug. It is definitely worthy. But, alas, it’s still too fresh. You’ll have to wait until I’m well into my 50’s before I resurrect that video.

Giving this up is a little traumatic today as I didn’t even have a proper good-bye. I was busy with my hubby last night (oh yea, taxes, get it!) and missed three of my faves, which makes me sigh an even bigger sigh. I am really hoping Brad makes it big as a stylist and Bethenny finds a little peace (and gets the apartment of her dreams). Tabatha, you keep taking keys and making grown men cry. Housewives of Wherever, I think we all know who the REAL housewives are, right? I think I will miss Abby Lee the most – she baffles me. I’d NEVER send my daughter to dance with her, but I love watching those that do. What IS that?


what in the heck



The only peace and quiet I have in a 24 hour cycle is the time after my sweet cherub goes to bed – roughly between 8 and 10pm. I started to think about the fact that I am out of my mind exhausted by this time of day and end up pouring myself into bed with my iPad and reality TV. Why do I choose to spend the only free hours of my day consumed by what other people do, have, say, etc?

It’s ridiculous.

There is an interesting parallel with my reality TV habit and any other habit we have that proves to be toxic – to body or mind.

(and, ok, toxic might be a LITTLE dramatic, but come on, I live on the same emotional scale as Kristen Bell demonstrated here)

You might be a sugar fiend or maybe you are starving your body from the physical activity it desperately needs.  Maybe you are surrounded by toxic relationships or are hindered by alcohol on a daily basis.

All of these things are toxic, and one is not cooler than the other.

They all suck.

I am choosing to use lent as a springboard for ME to rid myself of something that I feel is toxic in my life. Regardless of your religious practice, I challenge YOU to think about something that you could do without,

and……………….wait for it…………………


Do it because you are ONE TOUGH MUDDER! ha! ;-0

I’ve kicked a bad habit or two in my day.  It’s almost impossible to successfully take something out of your life without putting something else in its place. I’m sure Newton or some other dude has a law proving this. I can tell you from personal experience, it is true. Think of things you WANT that you feel are MISSING.

I want to read all these dusty books on my bookshelf – there are some GOOD ones!

I want to make a scarf….and a hat, for Ella. This is my Grams’ knitting basket:

I also miss my journal.

I’ve been writing in one since I was 13 years old and I’ve kept them all. Sometimes, on a rainy day, I go back and read them. I think of it as my living legacy – my own personal guide through life. Usually I’m too tired, but maybe if I reserve a little space in my day, and my mind, I will get back to it routinely.

Today is a day I will be meatless, I will write, I will practice yoga. I will sip coffee and catch the first twenty-minutes of the Today Show on my DVR. I’ll cook and clean, do laundry, and maybe organize a closet. I may or may not wear make-up or blow-dry my hair. I will hear “mommy” yelled from another room at least a thousand times and I’ll feel with every “I love you” it’s totally worth it. I’ll take care of my pets, child, and husband the best I know how.

And, at the end of the day, today, in those first quiet moments, it’s not going to be about who is at the top of the pyramid on Dance Moms or which housewife is the trashiest. It’s going to be. about. me.

Make today be. about. you.

Peace and love my friends xo

Mental Toughness

Strong Body. Strong Mind.

These words are ringing true for me today, except in reverse order:

Strong Mind. Strong Body.

We all have days when getting to the gym seems like a battle we’d rather not fight.

So much “TO DO”, so little time.


We also have days when we are motivated to sweat, get strong, and feel powerful. This is how I was feeling today. I wouldn’t say I was extremely energized, but I had the desire to –


OK, so lucky me, getting there was the easy part today – half the mission accomplished.

STAYING “there” was a different story.

I’m not talking about staying physically in the room. I’m talking about staying strong in my mind & fighting through it.

FIGHTING through the things I struggled to do without being disappointed in myself. (um….core work?!)

FIGHTING through the awkward glimpses in the mirror and not loving the reflection. (lighting perhaps??)

FIGHTING the sad-angry-disappointed-jealous thoughts about the way too thin girl in the front row. (so many people LOVE you for YOU!)

FIGHTING the thoughts about the million and one other things that need to be done. (let IT go!)

I could feel myself starting to take a dive after class.

I know, shocking.

But really, with all these things running through my mind in the course of an hour, how could you not start to spiral?


That’s how.

TODAY I know that there will always be outside factors that will try to bring us down, make us feel less than, throw us off our game.

It happens to EVERY BODY. Truly, it does.

Sometimes, you have to take a moment, dig deep, and feel the strength and quiet within.

To me, the real WARRIORS are the ones that can SHUT DOWN the outside chatter and find the quiet determination to persevere and keep moving forward.

THE mantra for today my friends:

SHUT IT DOWN! (say it with a little attitude) 😉

Shut it down with friends that want to drag you into their own private battles.

Shut it down with the person that refuses to see the sunshine through the rain.

Shut it down with YOURSELF when you start to focus on what you ARE NOT instead of what YOU ARE.

Those things don’t serve YOU.

There are so many people that have broken through mental barriers to develop a rock solid mind that has led them to breaking physical barriers they never imagined.

THAT is real strength my friends.

I don’t care how many reps you can do or whether you are rockin’ a six pack. If you are not strong in your own mind, you will not only be unable to serve yourself in the best way possible, but you can’t REALLY BE THERE for those you care about most: your best friend, your husband, your children, your co-workers, your parents, etc.

The strongest warrior is the daughter whose parent is battling cancer, but they push through day after day and STILL bring joy to those around them. Not only does she SHOW UP, she ROCKS!

What about the single mother of two that works two jobs and STILL finds a way to take an hour at the gym because she knows she is a better mother/friend/sister for not neglecting herself.

What about the guy down the block that has a hundred pounds to lose. Every movement he makes feels like a thousand pounds on his weak joints and muscles. But he is there, day after day; fighting the pain; getting STRONGER in mind and body.

This is the true strength that inspires us all. They are rockin – So. Can. YOU!

The really cool thing about MENTAL TOUGHNESS is that we are in 110% control of it. No one can take it away, nothing can destroy it. EVERYONE has the power to OWN IT.

Have a great weekend. Here’s to shutting it DOWN! and being tough (in body and mind) this weekend. I’m “Climbing for the Cure” tomorrow…think I’ll be needing a little mental toughness half-way through the climb. Don’t you worry, I’ll be sure to share the adventure with you all!


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