Day 1: Ain’t No Other

Sometimes you meet people that come into your life and change it…
My darling fitness angels, I have met my ULTIMATE angel that is giving me a whole new set of things to think about when it comes to fitness and nutrition.
Ya’all know I’m PASSIONATE about group exercise. When it’s done right, there isn’t anything else on the planet that can match the high you get from an awesome class. I love me a rockin’ studio 😉
I’ve been around the block and have been to MANY classes. Just as I was starting to think I found all the pros that would ever inspire me, BAM! I meet Gerry. Wowza. She really should come with a warning label that says “Hold on. Buckle up. I’m gonna rock your world!”

Here’s the thing: I’ve been working out with Gerry for about a month now. I know I’m stronger and I know my waistline is shrinking because of how my clothes fit. I’ve also signed up for the LifeTime Fitness Triathlon July 14 (sprint distance ;-). I mean come on, that’s the result of just ONE month of being committed at about 85%.


What would happen if I spent 30 days committed at 110%??


I know, I’m curious too! Lucky for all of us, we’re about to find out!


I didn’t know it at the time, but yesterdays workout marked DAY 1 of my 30 Day TEAM GERRY challenge. I will be following her fitness and nutrition program for 30 days to increase strength and endurance and ultimately change my life forever.


In fairness, I’ve been at the cusp of this for a long time, it’s something I’ve always wanted. I know it’s not for everyone, and some people might not “get it”. For me, there is no greater gift you can give to yourself and the people you love most than the gift of strength and confidence. It’s a great way to teach the oh-so-important life lessons about persistence, courage, determination and love. You gotta love yourself first – how you show yourself that love is something YOU must decide for YOU. No one can do it for you. BUT, people can inspire and encourage and coach you along the way. I’m so dang lucky to have someone like Gerry to do that for me. Feeling pretty blessed 😉


I’ll be posting daily (eeek!) about my fitness and nutrition challenges and accomplishments. I’m sharing my journey in the hopes of inspiring someone else to move from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY. For someone else, that might just be stepping foot in the gym for the first time ever! How cool!! Whatever it is, I’m here for you just as Gerry is there for me.




In truth and health,





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