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DON’T Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days

I’ve got a MAJOR ax to grind. With summer just around the corner, there a millions of people totally stressed about showing more skin. The lovely people publishing “health and fitness” books and magazines are fully aware of our fear factor and are putting on the full court press to capitalize on every imperfection, moment of self-doubt and body insecurity we’ve got. I’ve been increasingly disgusted with all the crazy headlines trying to “help” you have the “body you’ve always dreamed of.”

I mean REALLY?! Think about it: if “getting the perfect body” was as simple as reading a book or following some “program” in a magazine, wouldn’t you already have “the body you’ve always dreamed of?”

One of the top health & fitness personalities leading the pack with the current wave of hysteria is Jackie Warner.

I read Jackie’s latest book, “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days” to test myself and see how much I’ve grown.

The good news is that I am a heckofa lot smarter than I was even a few years ago. That my friends, is a very good thing. The bad news is, most of America has not had the education I have received and cannot decipher the huge amount of BS that sells these suckers. Millions of people (people at risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc.) will purchase these books thinking this is going to be IT! They have finally found the answer. They are committed and WILL NOT FAIL! this time…

…until they are having a bad day, can’t follow the ridiculous meal plan (because it’s not REAL LIFE) and find themselves at some fast food joint around 1pm. They end up consuming every single calorie they have been sacrificing and then some. Depression and a sense of failure sets in immediately. They are off the wagon and on to another year of not feeling STRONG! ENERGIZED! EMPOWERED!

It IS NOT OK to survive on 900 calories a day as Jackie suggest in her book. It’s just not ok. Plain and simple. I have survived on even less than that and let me tell you, it’s NO FUN and definitely NOT WORTH IT! There are those of us that actually thrive on this ultra rigorous suggestion of a very low calorie diet to “lose 10 pounds in 10 days”. There is an initial “high” from the success, but that is short-lived and leads to a whole other set of issues. Crawling into this rabbit hole can take YEARS to climb out of. My suggestion: don’t even go there.

What I want you to know is this: YOU CAN lose weight. YOU CAN have a strong, healthy, sexy, beautiful body. YOU CAN use nutrition to fuel your life. YOU CAN wear shorts and rock a bikini. YOU REALLY CAN!


….it’s going to take more than 10 days.

Sorry for the buzzkill! I mean, you might be halfway to your goal after dieting on Jackie’s plan for 5 days and here I am telling you to knock it off?! What do I know anyway?!

What I know, is that a life on a diet is not a life. I know that a trainer that is just as much of an expert, if not more, than Jackie Warner and actually CARES about YOU (like my friend DEE!) is not EVER going to recommend 900 calories per day NOR are they going to tell you to give them 10 days and you will be 10 pounds lighter. I know that loving yourself exactly as you are is the first step to living your life in the body you’ve always dreamed of. I know that working out is not easy; it’s painful and hard and takes time. I also know that I’ve never felt more alive than when I am kicking tail in the gym and walking away stronger than I was yesterday. I know that dieting can make you feel good for a moment…but the moment is fleeing because dieting isn’t really living. I know that LIVING and taking charge of your destiny totally rocks.


And, because I follow Jackie Warner on Twitter, I also know that she had to leave the movie, “The Hunger Games” because she was HUNGRY and had a horrible “hunger pain”. You just can’t make that up. I think I’ve made my point. HA!

Swimsuit season is NOT a reason to gain control of the health habits that are weighing you down. Neither is a wedding, vacation, class reunion, or 1st date. I swear!

The reason these are NOT good REASONS is because they are single moments in time. They are big awesome things, but they only last a day, or, at most, a week. That my lovelies, is not enough to sustain a HEALTHY WAY OF LIFE.

At the same time, an unpacked suitcase, load of laundry or any other mundane chore is also not a reason NOT to gain control of your health. Those things aren’t going anywhere – remember that. I like to call those pesky little things, excuses. And, if you’re makin’ them, there is a reason. It’s up to YOU to figure that one out 😉

My wish for all of us is that we stop with the quick fix. It just doesn’t exist, plain and simple.

What does work is surrounding yourself with people that love you and can pick you up when you stumble. Find someone to inspire you, push you, question you. Tell yourself that you deserve more; that you don’t want to spend another day not feeling like you have honored the AMAZING body you have been given. Do the basic things our ancestors did before us: drink plenty of water, eat whole (real) food as much as you can, MOVE, take time off, SLEEP!

Strength and beauty can’t be found in a book or a magazine. Those things lie deep within each one of us. The journey of life is to reach in and embrace our inner strength and USE IT. Honor it. Don’t let it go. Don’t let some publisher cheapen it with a fictional headline. Grab it, hold on, and enjoy the ride…for a LIFETIME, not just 10 days 😉

Peace out angels. xx

















My Girl DEE!

Hello my lovelies.  I hope your weekend was fabulous!  I had a great weekend, thanks in part, to


Let me take you back to last Thursday.  I was having a great day until someone decided to


Ug.  Seriously, the nerve of some people.  I was going along happily in my “mommy” and “fitness angel” world.  Then –

BOOM!  Thunder, lightening, the works.  I went to bed that night feeling disappointed, sad, hurt, and not too motivated to follow-through with my plan to go yoga the next day.  I mean really, why do yoga when you can SULK?

Ok, did I really just say that??  Wow.

Thank GOD for DEE!!

Friday morning shows up as it always does.  I woke up with puffy eyes and a still-broken heart.  On top of that, Ella was not in a bouncy mood and ended up spilling a FULL GLASS of juice on the couch leaving EVERYTHING sticky.  Yes, loads of fun…

BUT, we made it through.  I dropped her off at school ON TIME (miracle) and headed home.  I had planned to text Dee saying I wasn’t going to make it.

But…I didn’t.

I stopped and asked myself what would be in


Yoga is good for the mind AND body…and, Dee, well, she’s kind of a big deal.  Why would I deny myself an hour with a total pro?  Who holds the power over your feelings?


I wasn’t in the mood for a sugary-sweet-let’s-all-hold-hands-and-sing-kumbaya yoga class.  I didn’t want to learn a new language, solve the world’s problems, or see how many ways I could contort my body (even though I AM very flexible).

I wanted to feel GOOD from the inside out, work hard, smile only if I really felt like it, and, most importantly, lift my mood by working my body.

I wanted something REAL.

I can assure you that it doesn’t get any more real than fabulous DEE!  She is one of the gems I’ve been lucky to find in the group fitness industry.  And, THE FIRM, the place you go to catch her rockin’ classes, is kind of like being transported to another planet – in a super COOL way.  There is a sign outside the yoga studio door that actually instructs people to keep their clothes on.  I know, it’s an awesome crowd.

With all this in mind, I decided to stay strong and get in my car and drive a quick 17 minutes to THE FIRM.  I easily found a parking spot and went inside.  I was greeted by Diva Doug (which always makes me happy – he’s adorable!) and made my way up to the white bright yoga studio.

I see Dee and I smile.  I’m already feeling better and I haven’t even moved one itty bitty muscle.  Its true, she has that effect on people.

I find a spot, roll out my mat and grab some weights – I get ready to WORK!

Class is intense.  As my friend Cara pointed out, it’s NO JOKE.  Only the strong survive (well, kind of…you just have to TRY…hard!)  Dee is fully aware of the intensity of her classes and she doesn’t apologize for it.  She knows she is making you STRONGER!  That’s why we go….right?!

I know, I know, there are a million group fitness classes out there that are really fun, and you might FEEL really good because you could do it in your sleep, but does your body actually CHANGE?

The answer is, no.

If you look around at the people in those classes, you don’t see bodies change.

That is because they do THE SAME THING every week.  It’s predictable.  Yes, a little predictability is a good thing.  It might be what YOU want or need.

But for me, right now, I am not interested in being predictable and comfortable.  I don’t want to know what’s coming next.  I want to get a little uncomfortable.  I want to know what I can do, as a 34 ½ year old wife, mother, teacher, friend, sister, daughter, WOMAN.  How strong am I?

This is why I smile when I see Dee.  I know that for the next 60 minutes I have a super smart fitness professional guiding me and encouraging me to do more today than I did yesterday.  I’m not in control, and I’m more than ok with that.  I trust that if I COMMIT to giving 110%, I will feel stronger.

And I do.

I wasn’t able to do every position flawlessly.  I lost my balance, took a break when I needed it, and got tired.  But I was there, giving it my all, doing my best.

The flow of the class kept me going; Dee’s strength inspired me.

In one hour all of the chaos from the night before was lifted.  The stress of the morning disappeared.  I reconnected with myself by working hard, and then a little harder.

It’s kind of amazing how your mind can follow your body if you let it.

As you begin your week, I encourage you to stay strong and [GO] for whatever it is.  Just go.  Getting there is half the battle.  Let the Dee in your life take care of the rest.

Peace and love xoxo

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