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LOVE IT or leave it?


OK, so first things first…about the 30 day challenge




Finished, done, mission accomplished. It was super fun, extremely tough, but unbelievably rewarding. I’m leaner, stronger and have experienced a huge increase in my endurance when I run, teach class, etc. I wish I would have had more time to write about everything, BUT…between training and being a busy mom the blog got put on the back burner.


But I’m back!


I want to share where I’m at since the 30 days and where I’m going…




I don’t really have a good, clear answer for that.



Ok, so that might be a bit of a stretch.


Here is what I do know:

  1. I will ALWAYS live, eat, sleep and breathe an active lifestyle. Literally, after one rest day I am ready to poke out both of my eyes with pencils.
  2. I will continue to fuel my body as I have been since I began the 30 day challenge. For me that doesn’t include any sort of “diet” (i.e. low-carb, low-fat, Paleo, etc). All food groups are included in varying portions. I am a big food journaler (NOT calorie counter) and that will probably stick too. It’s become a very healthy, balanced way of life.
  3. I will continue to teach group fitness as long as I am able. It is a huge gift and completely humbling anytime anyone shows up to work out to some killer music with me – crazy! It’s my oxygen; I don’t think I could live without it.

After that…


…things get a little more unclear.

I had wanted to do a triathlon, but it turns out I am not a huge fan of the bike or pool. I also intended to stay with my training program from the 30 day challenge, but I am not loving my spin workouts these days and I feel like there is just not enough time in the day with school out, etc. And really, am I made for this? Am I that girl? The kind that finishes every spin, bike, run, and crazy class with “big guns” with “is that all you got”?


Ummm…maybe?? I’m not really sure at this moment…but I want to find out, I think?


Do you hear all the excuses and questioning? Honestly, this is where so many of us get stuck!




Stop making excuses and stop questioning yourself. Because you know what?!





YOU CAN FINISH AND SAY “is that all you got”?



I’m going with a big old “NO” on that one. That isn’t all I got. There is more….lots and lots more. This is only the beginning, I’m just getting started.

This is where it gets scary and uncomfortable…when you start to go where you’ve never been before. You start to question yourself, think you aren’t “made for it” that your body just doesn’t “work that way”.

I’m calling my own bluff on this one.

I’m saying your’re just scared and you don’t want to look behind the curtain and see what you’re really made of.

So guess what,


I say:


Leaving would be easy for a minute, but full of lots of yucky stuff like regret, “what if”, and knowing I didn’t give 110%.

Seriously, who wants to deal with that??

For me, it’s all about digging deep on the days I don’t feel like it. It’s easy when the stars align, but your true power is tested when they don’t. That’s when you remember WHY you started your journey in the first place.

I love it when group fitness instructors ask “why are you here”? I mean duh, to get a great workout! I think what they mean is, the bigger WHY…why do you keep showing up, day in day out, good times, bad times, stinky times 😉

Ok, so…why?

I’m putting a stop to any negative chatter that tells me I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve it or I can’t do it. I’m strengthening my body to make my mind so bulletproof that I walk down the street and people want what I’ve got. I’m showing my daugther that YOU CAN do ANYTHING if you WORK HARD, STAY STRONG and PERSERVERE. I’m fighting MY fight, staying positive and standing up for what I want. I’m not a quitter. I’m strong, passionate, energetic, intense, positive, willful, a little crazy, but always have my heart in the right place. I’m ready to rock, bring the noise and prove that I can do it. I’m that girl.

That’s why.

Find your “why”. Love it, don’t ever leave it.





Today is Day 13!

Did you think I left you? HA! Not a chance ;-))

Life got a little busy, but I’m baaaa-aaaack.

I can tell you that I have NOT MISSED A SINGLE WORKOUT in the past 8 days (other than my scheduled rest days of course).


I am still following my nutrition plan, but I had to simplify it in my head: protein/carb/fat every 3-4 hours, no exceptions. I really do feel awesome. The carbs are mainly coming from fruit and veggies, but there is the oatmeal on big workout days and whole grain options here and there.

This is not a weight loss challenge, but I can tell you, there was almost a serious wardrobe malfunction in Target yesterday from wearing jeans that are now too big ;-( or ;-)?? HA!


The big headline is:


Truly, I know, without a shadow of a doubt that I am stronger today than I was 13 days ago – and that’s just 13 days of focusing on TOTAL BODY TRAINING!

Do I execute each move perfectly and never take a break? No. Am I the strongest and best spinner? No. But…can I hang?


I can absolutely hang, and it feels so good!

This week is a little tricky because “the hubs” is out of town. I’m needing to adjust a few things to maintain balance with my family committments and give Ella a double dose of parenting to make up for her missing her Daddy. But let me tell you, we are having a BLAST and I have more than enough energy to make it happen.

That feels pretty darn good.

And really, isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?

Alright lovelies, I’m off to the grocery store…I’ll catch you tomorrow.

Stay strong!

Day 4: Back to Business

OK, well, not really. Kind of? Maybe sort of sometimes? They are good…


The burpees, I mean, I DO love burpees, right?!


It’s day 4 and I’m feeling like I have sooooo much to accomplish in 30 days. This is the slushin through the mud time. The phase where you just have to put your head down and fight through everything – the workouts, the nutrition, the mindset. Just fight and stay strong – keep your head in the game.


The Workout.


Today I taught my class in the morning. I burn about 500 calories in an hour of teaching this class – it’s a beginner level, so there is a lot of walking around and coaching. It’s good for the soul and fun to inspire newbies and peeps in their golden years 😉


I took Jackie’s CardioBlast at the MAC tonight (5:30 kick-off). I was really tired heading into it and not fully “there”. Nutritionally I think I was prepared, I felt good from that standpoint. I think I was just kind of burned out from the morning and then mama duty, ya know? Plus, it was a super gray day and that ALWAYS zaps my energy and puts me out of sorts. I’m just one of those people. Regardless of all that, I managed to get a 600 calorie burn in 50 minutes – not bad.



I had my “new normal” pre-workout breakfast of oatmeal and berries. I have found that I can perform best with this breakfast. I had a protein bar after class followed by cottage cheese, avocado and croutons for lunch – yummy! I ended up at about 1800 calories for the day, 35% from carbohydrates.


I’m exhausted…and I think little munchkin is finally sleeping. Ahhhh. I might just have to break my “no food/beverage after 7pm” rule tonight to allow for 6 ounces of wine. Afterall, this is a shred, but its also my life. As I’ve said before, “sometimes you just gotta.”


Night angels. xox


Somedays You Just Gotta

We are all pulled in a million directions each day. As a mom, I always feel like I should be or want to be in

five million places at once!

Yesterday was one of those days – I dropped Ella off at school and BAM! the countdown begins.

I have 6 precious hours to:





Blah, Blah, Blah.

I could have easily filled my time with chores…but I also wanted to pick up a few things at the mall that contribute to me feeling GOOD about myself (i.e. Peter Thomas Roth bronzer, cute jammies, and Caudalie Beauty Elixer), register for a run/bike event and go to yoga to breathe and renew.

So, the match-up was this:

Lady of the House vs. Lady of the Mall and the Mat

I chose Lady of the Mall/Mat.


Sometimes you just gotta pick one, and go with it.


And if you try, you will fail. A cycle of misery and guilt will ensue and you’ll end up getting less done and you’ll be less productive, not to mention you won’t FEEL good.

Ug, who needs that?

Laundry, bills, cooking and cleaning will always be there.

Someone will always need you.

What about YOU? YOU need YOU too!

So many people (including me) put off the things that would make them feel complete because something else always gets moved to the top of the list.

The top of my list rotates. Yesterday, a trip to the mall and the gym won. Today, I’ll be taking Ella to dance, cleaning, doing laundry, planning meals and grocery shopping.

Balance is such a good thing.

Be kind to you. Do that thing that you’ve been putting off – whatever it is.

Sometimes, you just gotta:

*run *see a movie *work *sip coffee *dance *eat *enjoy *GET THROUGH IT

…whatever it is, GO! Do it!

The minute you start to feel stress about the things that are not getting done,


It’s ok. It will get done. Trust me.

My laundry was waiting for me when I got home, as was a dinner to prepare, a kid to bathe and loads of putting away and tidying up to do.

The GREAT thing is, as I settled in to bed last night, I was so glad that I took the time to work hard in yoga and focus on strengthening my own practice for one hour.

The energy I received from that will definitely fuel me to be a better mama and domestic diva today.

Sometimes, you just gotta.

Peace and love ya’all xo

Pick Me Up!!

It’s getting to be about that time…the afternoon energy dive is nearing…I can feel it! I don’t care how hard you work to regulate blood sugar, for some of us, our days drive us to exhaustion at some point in the afternoon.

For me, it’s usually around 2pm.

Whataya know…

it’s almost time!

But hang on, I have the BEST PICK ME UP!

Enter, my trifecta of energy that I consume twice daily (one in the morning, 10ish, and one in the afternoon, 2ish). I seriously love this stuff.


Mix 32 oz water, 1-2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and your favorite beverage (low calorie preferred) – I like eboost, Propel or Slimgenics “Thermoboost”.

I know, I know, I may have lost you at the “favorite beverage” part. Here’s the thing, a SMALL AMOUNT of one of those zero calorie packets is not going to hurt you.

I believe in balance.

My diet is not full of artificial ANYTHING. For ME, the benefits outweigh any negative effects of the little packet.

In case you are wondering, the MAJOR benefit I have noticed is my skin. It’s seriously insane how clear and lovely it is from drinking the vinegar. Not to mention I feel more balanced, hydrated and energized!

Oh, and the taste is great – with the 32 oz of water and flavored packet I hardly know its in there.

It doesn’t get much easier than that my friends.

I’m off to teach a little kickboxing tonight – quite certain I’ll have plenty of energy to kick just the right amount of booty xx

Drink up and rock on! ENERGIZE! xo

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